Oroomiye Orthosis Center

With the goal of providing services, Oroomiye Center was established in 2008 with complete equipment to provide orthotic and prosthetic services, wheelchair services, and medical shoes with the approval of the then-officials. This center’s activities have been distributed for the disabled veterans and the public in Western Azarbaijan and Kordestan provinces, based on existing prices. Also, by sending experts to the neighboring provinces, providing services has become much easier, and by holding various conferences in the fields of eyes and limb prosthetics, this center has tried to help disabled veterans with their prosthesis repairs and manufacture. Furthermore, with the help of the foot scan, the screening plan has helped with the sole of foot evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and the treatment of orthopedic issues in schools, governmental and private organizations.

This center is now able to provide services in the following fields:

Lower body limb prosthesis:

Manufacturing forefoot, syme, back of the knee (modular), Canadian, front of the knee, and upper knee with (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, intelligent) joints prosthesis.

Upper body limb prosthesis:

Manufacturing beauty, mechanical, and electrical prosthesis appropriate to partial amputation levels on the wrists, and lower and upper elbows.

Lower body limb orthosis:

Manufacturing short braces with free and Kelenzak joints, long braces with drop lock joints and knee swiss lock, two-way long belts, mechanical pelvic joints, PTB and IWB joints, all types of splints (AFO, KAFO, etc.), medical shoes and slip soles, and providing other pre-manufactured orthosis services for lower body limbs.

Spinal cord orthosis:

Manufacturing LSO waist region orthosis, chest region orthosis (TLSO, body jacketed, Milwaukee, etc.), neck region orthosis (Philadelphia, etc.), and providing other pre-manufactured orthosis services for the spinal cord region.

Upper body limb orthosis:

Manufacturing diagnostic, supportive, and corrective orthosis suitable for the wrist, hand, fingers, elbows, shoulder, burned and fractured orthosis, and providing other pre-manufactured orthosis services for upper body limbs.

Repairs and after-sale services for wheelchairs:

Providing services for repairing all types of mechanical, electrical and semi-electrical wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, active, stretcher-like and double hand rim wheelchairs, adjusting all types of wheelchairs, installing motion facilitator devices and repairing them.


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